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Jan 15, 2019 | Financial Services

Reviewing your finances regularly helps to ensure that all your money decisions remain aligned, both with each other and with your broader life and wealth goals. If you have finance-related questions, SageVest Wealth Management is a valuable resource. Our menu of services is extensive and we can help with a wide range of wealth considerations for you and your loved ones.

Retirement Planning

Planning for retirement is the most important financial objective for most individuals. It doesn’t happen overnight, nor by means of back-of-the-napkin planning. SageVest can help you to plan for and secure your future retirement objectives. We include the following and much more in our retirement services:

Investment Management

Successful long-term financial strategies require diligent investment supervision. If you can’t quickly answer how your investments are positioned, or if your investment positioning is appropriate, it might be time to hire an investment advisor. The SageVest investment team will:

  • Discuss your investment goals, experience, timeline, risk tolerance, and more.
  • Develop an investment policy tailored to your unique needs.
  • Consolidate investments to streamline finances and minimize fees.
  • Monitor accounts and investments under management on a daily basis.
  • Advise on 401(k) plan investment elections.
  • Explain investment principles in easy-to-understand terms.
  • Offer counsel to avoid emotive decisions that could negatively impact investments.
  • Offer a fee-only structure, and serve as your fiduciary advisor.

Saving Strategies

For most of us, capturing meaningful savings is crucial to securing our future. If you’re not confident your savings are adequate, our advisors will respectfully help you to structure a savings plan that is cognizant of both your current needs and your future goals. We will:

  • Evaluate your emergency reserves.
  • Identify goals e.g., saving for retirement, college savings, etc.
  • Help you track cash flow and achieve goal-based savings on an annual basis.
  • Encourage saving by identifying opportunities to save, automating savings, offering resources to teach kids to save, and more.
  • Maximize retirement savings to benefit from Federal limits and employer matching programs.

Educational Funding

College funding is a high priority for many families. It’s also a tough financial objective to achieve, given soaring educational costs [1]. SageVest advisors will guide you and your family to:

Home Mortgage Loans And Debt

Your home is likely your largest asset, and also potentially your largest debt too. As wealth managers, SageVest can advise you on the totality of your assets, including helping you to:

  • Evaluate home financing, including:
    • Rent versus buy.
    • Monthly versus semi-monthly payments.
    • Down-payment options.
    • 15 year versus 30 year mortgage.
    • Accelerated payoff.
    • Refinancing.
  • Make recommendations on car loans, HELOCs, rental or vacation home purchase, etc.

Tax Planning

SageVest recognizes that taxes often represent your single largest expense. We therefore proactively:

  • Collaborate with your tax preparer to minimize tax exposure, especially following tax reform.
  • Weave tax planning into all of our financial recommendations.

Charitable Giving

Charitable giving is a worthy family value, shared by many SageVest clients. We support charitable objectives by helping you to:

Employment Considerations

If you’re employed, our services are tailored to:

  • Ensure you’re maximizing all employment benefits available to you.
  • Assess employment offers.
  • Evaluate stock options, restricted stock, and other employment benefits.

Business Ownership

If you own a business, are self-employed, or operate as a contractor, your SageVest advisor is available to help you:

  • Develop a comprehensive financial plan that balances personal and business objectives.
  • Provide small business advice on topics including:


SageVest Wealth Management does not sell insurance. However, as your trusted independent financial advisor, we can offer unbiased review and recommendations on:

Estate Planning

Our advisors are well versed in helping clients plan legacy transitions, and will:

  • Advise on wills, trusts, powers of attorney, and other legacy structures.
  • Accompany clients to meetings with estate planning attorneys.
  • Guide intergenerational family discussions with professionalism and compassion.
  • Help protect vulnerable clients from financial fraud and exploitation.

Additional Wealth Management Services

SageVest strives for excellence in wealth management. We believe in going above and beyond for our clients. Examples include our efforts to:

  • Foster financial literacy for kids, tweens, and teens through SageVest Kids.
  • Organize one-on-one financial learning workshops for young adults and Millennials.
  • Support clients during significant life events e.g., marriage, divorce, illness, employment changes, retirement, and inheritance, adoption, and more.

All of our advisors are experienced Certified Financial Planners TM. Your SageVest advisor can help coordinate and guide all your financial decisions. We offer a customized wealth management approach that blends both investment management and financial planning under one roof. Please contact us to discuss how we can help you achieve financial success.



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