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Federal Employees

Dedicated Service for Federal Employees and Those Who Serve

Central to the Washington, DC Metro region, SageVest Wealth Management helps clients who have dedicated their careers to military or civil service.  We work with a number of federal employees and members of the military, advising on a multitude of employment and benefit decisions.  We also work with state civil service and World Bank employees who often share many similar planning considerations.

Extensive Benefit Programs Supporting Your Financial Future

Benefit programs from the Federal Government are extensive, complex, and sometimes unique, depending on your branch, post, and years of service. Our advisors can help you understand and gain the greatest value from the benefits and programs you have earned. We guide you toward wise financial decisions and incorporate your chosen options into your broader retirement strategy.

Common Planning Areas

Some of the most common areas where SageVest Wealth Management assists Federal or World Bank employees include:

  • Pensions, Thrift Savings Plans, and Social Security:

    It can be confusing trying to determine if you’re saving enough to be on target for retirement and when you can retire. We assess your needs and offer advice on how to optimize your benefits and how to structure your retirement income from your pension, Thrift Savings Plan (or other retirement savings plan), and/or Social Security. If you’re married, we explore spousal and survivor benefit options relative to alternatives, helping you make the best decisions for now and in the future.

  • Pension Repayment Options:

    If you’ve moved around in your career, or possibly left and come back, you might face a multitude of pension repayment options. We counsel you about lump sum payment requirements, the value of benefits gained in return, and how long it takes for a repayment decision to pay off in your favor.

  • Relocations and Overseas Posts:

    If your job involves or has the opportunity to relocate or assume an overseas post, there are a host of financial factors to consider. Benefits vary widely depending upon your position; for example, you may or may not be entitled to post differential awards, relocation expenses, family and education benefits, and tax preferences. It’s important to understand both the benefits involved and the costs that you might incur, and how these changes relate to your longer-term financial objectives.

  • Insurance:

    You’re generally eligible for disability, life, and long-term care insurance. These types of insurances are important, but they should not be considered in a vacuum. We analyze your overall financial picture, review current insurance coverages, and recommend changes and additional coverage where appropriate.

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Make a wise investment
in your future today.

Make a wise investment in your future today.