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What Is Fee-Only?

A Fee-Only Approach You Can Trust

SageVest Wealth Management derives compensation only through a fee-only approach. This means that we don’t receive any commissions or incentives for the advice that we render.

Being fee-only is your assurance that every investment decision we proffer is unbiased and based solely on what’s in your best interests. For example, if we recommend insurance coverage, we have no vested interest other than in helping to ensure that you and your family are adequately protected.

Establishing an Ongoing Relationship

We typically work with clients on an ongoing basis, actively managing your investments and assisting with customized financial planning. Together, these two elements deliver a true wealth management approach.

A Transparent Fee Structure

Our fees are straightforward and simple. They’re calculated as a percentage of your assets under management and range between 1% and 0.5%. We embed both investment management and financial planning services within this fee structure, thereby enabling and encouraging proactive planning on your behalf.

Proudly Serving as Your Fiduciary Advisor

We have always proudly served as a fiduciary advisor. By law, this requires us to place your best interest at the helm of every decision and recommendation that we make. Our firm, and every member of our team, is held to the highest professional standards. We believe that integrity is an absolute requirement.

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Fiduciary Services: YES
Fee-Only Services: YES
Investment Minimum: $1 Million
Assets Managed: $300 Million


Make a wise investment
in your future today.

Make a wise investment in your future today.