Caring About You And Your Family

SageVest Wealth Management understands that one of the most meaningful elements of life is family. Our firm is dedicated to the financial well-being of you and those you care about.

Our company’s family focus extends to educating your children about money, through SageVest Kids and other programs. Helping the next generation to acquire strong money management skills plays an important part in yours and your family’s wealth strategy, and lays the foundation towards a fulfilling future for your kids.

Promoting Financial Literacy Through SageVest Kids

SageVestKids is the family-focused arm of our company. The website provides age-appropriate financial literacy resources in incremental stages for ages 3 to 18, encouraging kids to become financially savvy through real-life experiences and fun financial activities. Primary topics include spending, saving, earning, banking, giving, borrowing, and managing peer pressure.

Mindful Of Childhood Developmental Stages

Our website uniquely offers developmental overviews for every age range. These insights are designed to help you identify your kids’ physical, psychological, and emotional changes as they mature. This helps to ensure that financial skills are introduced at an appropriate pace, and ultimately encourages your child’s long-term growth, happiness, and achievement.

Financial Tips, Tools, And Resources For Parents

As an online resource, the SageVest Kids website aims to support parents as you teach your kids sound money management skills. Beyond the basics, we offer an abundance of tools, tips, and resources. These include advice on how to manage an allowance, assigning chores by age, work opportunities for kids, free social and play activities, online sources, books, games, and apps.

We also offer guidance on evaluating your own money personality, helping you to be cognizant of the manner in which you approach finances, the lifestyle expectations you’re instilling, and how to become a positive financial role model for your children.

Giving Back To Our Community

We’re proud to offer SageVestKids as a resource for high-quality financial literacy guidance to all families, regardless of economic advantage. Every child deserves a strong financial education and a bright future, founded upon healthy money habits.

Are You Ready to Launch Your Kids Financial Future?

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