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Financial Planning

The Essence of Your Success

Preparing for your future entails far more than investing. It requires thoughtful and proactive planning, focusing on the factors that can influence your financial success.

Clear Recommendations

Our experienced professionals have the capabilities to advise you on a wide range of planning topics and the interrelationships between them. SageVest Wealth Management delivers clear and meaningful recommendations that translate into effective real-life solutions.

Connecting You With Your Wealth

We appreciate that your financial planning needs to look beyond your balance sheet. It needs to consider what’s best for you, your family, what you care about, and the impact you want to achieve. We formulate plans and make recommendations based on your unique objectives, and we always respect your decisions.


Retirement Planning

Planning for the future is important at any age. It helps you to chart a confident course as you prepare for and navigate retirement, and strive to achieve a work-life balance in the interim. SageVest works with you to define your retirement objectives, then utilizes sophisticated planning methods to develop sound financial plans that support your priorities. All plans include a number of ‘what-if’ scenarios designed to help you consider and plan for possible real-life events.


Tax Optimization

Taxes are integral to virtually every element of your financial decisions. SageVest Wealth Management places a strong emphasis on evaluating tax impacts as part all investment and planning initiatives.We work with you and your tax advisor to minimize tax exposure. We also incorporate broader income and estate tax projections into your long-term financial strategies.


Educational Funding

College funding is one of the biggest and fastest-growing expenses families face. Our advisors can help you to determine funding levels, evaluate options, and make smart savings choices. With careful planning, you can make a valuable investment in your child or grandchild’s future.


Intergenerational Planning

Your financial goals and decisions often extend to family members, including children, parents, and siblings. SageVest Wealth Management actively facilitates intergenerational planning discussions, either through direct participation or counseling and always with care and clarity. We also offer a range of educational resources for clients, including financial workshops for Millennials, and a financial literacy website, SageVest Kids, designed to help sage parents raise happy, healthy, and money-wise children.


Business Strategies

As a business owner, you need to plan for yourself and your family, as well as for your business. These intertwined objectives can sometimes compete and conflict with one another, complicating your financial decision-making. SageVest Wealth Management’s team offers the training and skills you need to help simplify these complexities and optimize both your business and life plans.


Legacy and Estate Planning

Whether you’re single, married, have a family or blended families, are widowed, or have special needs, SageVest has the expertise to guide the transfer of your wealth with compassion and wisdom. We listen to your objectives, family priorities, and giving goals, and then formulate strategies that support your wishes while allowing you to retain flexibility and control over your assets.


Philanthropic Giving

For many people, giving back is an important part of who they are and the values they represent. SageVest helps you to determine what giving options make the most sense for you, your finances, the causes you support, and the impact you want to make.


Asset Protection

We advise on a host of asset protection strategies such as asset titling, protective documents, and traditional insurance. Our fee-only approach allows us to make effective, unbiased recommendations that are solely focused on safeguarding you, your loved ones, and your financial interests.


Life Transitions

Life is full of changes. Whether it’s a marriage, the birth of a child or grandchild, a divorce, your retirement, a work transition, or the loss of a beloved one, SageVest Wealth Management prides ourselves on helping you to navigate life’s transitions with dignity, grace, and financial confidence.

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Fiduciary Services: YES
Fee-Only Services: YES
Investment Minimum: $1 Million
Assets Managed: $300 Million


Make a wise investment
in your future today.

Make a wise investment in your future today.