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The Breadth of Your Family Finances

Whether you’re just starting a family, considering adoption, are an established or blended family, sending your kids off to college, or empty nesters with adult children and perhaps even grandchildren, your financial planning as a family is more complex, extending to a wider range of life events, personal perspectives, and wealth goals.

Furthermore, if you have grown children or are a member of the sandwich generation, with aging parents or other dependent family members, your financial planning may well span multiple generations.

Preparing Children for College and Beyond

Today’s high educational costs make college funding a paramount planning point for many families.

SageVest Wealth Management advises on the full continuum of financial objectives relating to your children, from affording childcare, through your child purchasing their first car or home, and beyond. We also offer educational services to foster sound money management in the next generation, including our financial literacy website, SageVestKids, and financial workshops for older teens, young adults, and Millennials.

Planning for Your Retirement

Amidst financial considerations for those you care about, your own retirement and financial security should also remain a priority.

We counsel you on decisions that support preparing for and enjoying your retirement, knowing that you can maintain your lifestyle and pursue your life goals, while still being mindful of multiple generations. Our advisors guide you in all aspects related to savings, taxes, housing, legacy planning, and more, with the care you deserve and the sophistication you need.

Financially Protecting Yourself and Your Family

Knowing that plans are in place to protect yourself and those you care about can provide great financial comfort and relief. We proactively assist in planning by examining appropriate asset protection, insurance coverage, asset titling, estate and other legal documents. Each of our advisors holds a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER (CFP®) designation and is mandated to serve as a fiduciary, placing the best interests of you and your family at the forefront of our recommendations.

SageVest Wealth Management can also help you broach financial conversations with your kids, parents, and other significant individuals. We often work with multiple generations, supporting respectful and proactive communications with compassion and aplomb, all while maintaining the privacy and integrity of you and your loved ones.

Advice for All Stages


Make a wise investment
in your future today.

Make a wise investment in your future today.