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Married, Unmarried and Same-Sex Couples

Whether you’re younger or more mature, just starting a relationship, in a long-standing partnership, enjoying a later-in-life relationship, or share your life with or without children, we recognize that your financial planning as a couple encompasses both your individual and joint financial goals.

Individual vs. Separate Accounts

Choosing how to manage your finances and title your assets, separately or jointly, is a key relationship decision. Ultimately, there’s no one universal answer: The choice is unique to you, your finances, and your relationship dynamic.

SageVest Wealth Management counsels you on what works best in pursuit of supporting your relationship, managing your finances, and protecting your assets.

Making Wise Joint Financial Decisions

Regardless of how your assets are titled, it’s important to evaluate your interrelated financial decisions on a number of levels. Topics of significance vary, but commonly include how you share expenses, housing decisions, planning for retirement, and tax filing elections.

We blend all of these considerations and more into a comprehensive approach, rendering clear and understandable recommendations. This helps to inspire confidence about your current finances and longer-term wealth goals such as retirement. It also gauges your ability to maintain your current lifestyle and ensures that the decisions you make support your life and financial objectives, on an individual, joint, and broader family basis.

Financially Protecting Yourself and Your Partner

There is a multitude of actions necessary to protect yourself and your significant other. These grow more complex as your wealth accumulates. We actively advise individuals and couples on the following topics:

  • Prenuptial Agreements
  • Retirement Planning
  • Tax Analysis
  • Asset Titling and Asset Protection
  • Life, Disability and Long-Term Care Insurance
  • Estate Planning

All of our advisors hold a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER (CFP®) designation, and each is required to act as your fiduciary, placing your best interests at the helm of every recommendation.

Advice for All Stages


Make a wise investment
in your future today.

Make a wise investment in your future today.