Members of the SageVest Wealth Management team are passionate about helping people successfully manage their financial lives by building solid relationships with our clients. We count on each team member to consistently deliver high-quality service and demonstrate the value of our principles and philosophy.

Jennifer E. Myers, CFP®

With more than two decades of experience in the financial industry, Jennifer E. Myers, CFP®, works with clients to help them fulfill their life and family goals while translating complex financial matters into understandable, manageable, and successful strategies. She serves as Chair of the firm’s Investment Committee and maintains close working relationships with clients to ensure that investment... Read more

Susan E. Hamilton, CFP®
Financial Advisor

Susan E. Hamilton, CFP®, partners with clients to design comprehensive investment and planning strategies that recognize their unique personal and financial goals. As a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ with three decades of experience in the financial services industry, Susan enjoys building long lasting client relationships, using her background in investments and financial planning to add value to clients through thoughtful financial advice. Read more

Ryan Albritton, CFP®, AIF®
Financial Advisor

Ryan Albritton, CFP®, AIF®, specializes in collaborating with clients to align their life goals with their financial strategies, whether they are in the beginning stages of their career, planning for their families, or embarking on retirement. Ryan sees the individuality in each client. He enjoys advocating for them and crafting personalized financial management plans that will work in their best interests. Read more

Anthony Matteo
Financial Planning Associate

Anthony serves as a Financial Planning Associate with SageVest Wealth Management, helping with a variety of planning, investment and account servicing functions. Anthony works closely with SageVest’s advisors to prepare for client meetings, conduct research on investment and planning topics, initiate planning activities and facilitate trading. He also works closely with clients to gather appropriate financial information and communicate various financial and account updates. Read more

Lisa Del Sordi
Financial Operations Associate

As SageVest’s Financial Operations Associate, Lisa Del Sordi works closely with SageVest’s advisors and clients to provide client account services. Such activities include opening and closing accounts, facilitating cash and account transfers, updating account information, processing required minimum distributions and beneficiary designation updates. Read more

Cathy Jaquette
Financial Administrative Associate

Cathy acts as our Financial Administrative Associate. She assists with a variety of key tasks including sending notifications to clients, preparing for client meetings, maintaining documents and records, requesting and disseminating tax information, assisting with compliance support efforts and supporting our office needs. Read more

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