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Personalized Health And Wellness

May 10, 2016 | Everyday Finances

Futuristic eye sees the future of personalized health programs

To learn about revolutionary advancements in the health and medical research fields, SageVest Weallth Management recently hosted Todd Stottlemyer, CEO of Inova’s groundbreaking Center For Personalized Health (ICPH). Todd offered insights on topics including:

– Prediction and Prevention
– Personalized Medicine
– Individualized Wellness
– Research and Population Health

This exciting wave of health care changes is aimed at helping you to enjoy your health and your wealth well into the future.

Prediction And Prevention

From Reactive To Protective: Developments in genomic science, bioinformatics, and IT are transforming health care from its traditional approach of treating you once you’re sick, to predictive, preventative care for each of us.

Mapping Your Genomes: The ability to map, store and analyze your genomic data (a sequence that’s unique to each individual) means that doctors can now develop personalized wellness and treatment programs to help you live a longer, healthier life.

Personalized Medicine

Pharmacogenomics (the combined field of medication and genes) can predict how your body will metabolize drugs. In the event you need treatment, your genetic make-up can indicate the efficacy of specific drugs, dosages, and even toxicity levels.

Tumor Profiling: For cancer patients, somatic tumor profiling can reveal the type of cancer, guiding clinicians to the treatment protocol with the best chance of success – and the lowest cost.

Did you know? There are approximately 35 different types of lung cancer, and about 25 types of breast cancer.

Patient-focused Care: ICPH is moving away from doctor-oriented services, to individual and family-focused treatment delivery, located on-campus and available round-the-clock. A holistic team approach assures continuity of care, with every patient assigned a team comprising of a researcher, clinicians, genetic counselor, nutritionist, navigator, and wellness coach.

Individualized Wellness

Individualized Wellness Plans are like the customized plans that SageVest  Wealth Management develops for each of our clients. We gather and interpret a broad range of data to gain a comprehensive understanding of your finances, then develop an investment strategy to help you achieve your personal wealth objectives.

In the same way, mapping and interpreting your genomic data enables your doctor to create a customized plan of proactive steps to empower a healthy lifestyle.

Your Bioinformation can determine your predisposition to certain conditions, suggest the best age to begin screenings and indicate how often they should occur. Eventually, your genetics may even be able to pinpoint a targeted diet that supports your individual health and fitness goals.

Innovations In Health Technology And Telemedicine will offer remote monitoring and diagnostic capabilities to support future individualized health goals. Examples currently in development include:

  • Garment patches that can monitor the health of cardiac patients.
  • Ingestibles containing sensors that may offer non-invasive alternatives to health procedures such as colonoscopies.

Research And Population Health

Feeding The Data Drive For Researchers: As the popularity of individualized health grows, researchers are using the additional genetic data available to define and refine findings. Results are looped back into the individualized health care sector, and also clinically applied to improve the lives of the broader population.

Serving The Disadvantaged: Genetic research is key to understanding disease presentation in particular sectors of the population, especially those who are socio-economically challenged or living in under-served communities.

Identifying Common Genetic Characteristics based upon ethnic, gender, and familial traits can help predict and prevent illness for everyone. For example:

  • African American men are more prone to prostate cancer. Armed with this knowledge, clinicians can make preventative recommendations to individuals in the target group and implement community awareness initiatives.
  • Some women are predisposed to pre-term birth, which impacts mother and baby. By identifying women who are genetically at risk, researchers hope to reduce or eliminate the risk of early birth for moms and babies.
  • Research continues into the link between genetics and mental health issues. If there’s a connection between genes and substance abuse, it may be possible to address the issue before an individual becomes addicted.

Good health goes hand in hand with enjoying your wealth. We encourage you to contact us to find out how we can connect you with your wealth in meaningful ways.

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