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10 Unique, Memorable, and Financially Responsible Holiday Gift Ideas

Dec 4, 2017 | Giving

Little girl suprising her father with a unique, memorable and financially responsible holiday gift

The holiday season is almost upon us, bringing a time of joy and togetherness – as well as the common need to come up with memorable gift ideas for those we care about! Yet finding unique, memorable, and financially responsible holiday gifts can be challenging.

This holiday season, SageVest Wealth Management offers a number of thoughtful holiday gift ideas that are designed to create enjoyment, support your family values, and create lasting memories, without forcing you to become a holiday over-spender.

College Contributions

Saving for college is financially challenging for many families. If you believe in the value of education and want to give your kids or grandkids a strong start, consider funding a college savings plan. Establishing a plan in your name, for the benefit of another family member, might even afford you a state tax deduction, depending upon the state you live in.

Family Portraits

This is a great idea for family members who might already have too many ‘things’, or for a family who might not otherwise spring for the expense of family photography or a family painting. It’s also a great way of bringing extended family together to create a memorable group photo.

Memory Book

A gift that’s almost free, except for the time involved, is a memory book with photos, personal notes, treasured recipes, family tales, and more. This is a guaranteed heart-warmer and long treasured gift, whether for your family or friends. The story of your life is a special one, and a memory book is a great way of sharing it with your loved ones.

Family Trip

If a family trip is financially viable, it’s a great way to spend time together and create lasting memories for everyone. There are lots of ways to save money and still enjoy an amazing vacation together. The caveats are ensuring that family members have adequate time in their schedules, and sufficient leave from work, before you book.

Payment For Professional Services

Too often, people defer or avoid important or worthy professional services because of cost. Some great professional service ideas you can gift for the holidays include:

Financial Planner – Navigating life’s financial decisions can be challenging and complex. Gifting the services of a fee-only, independent financial advisor can help secure your loved one’s financial security for today and tomorrow.

Career Consultant – Learning how to advance your career is a financially valuable gift that can keep on giving if successful.

Wardrobe Consultant – Bring in a consultant for tips and pointers on how to dress appropriately for improved career advancement opportunities or just for fun.

Dog Trainer – Improving a dog’s behavior could be a win-win for everyone involved.

Estate Attorney – Stop worrying about your kids making essential life plans for your grandchildren by hiring an attorney and paying for basic documents.

Household Help – Whether it’s a maid service to take charge of household chores, a caregiver to free up time or to provide companionship, or someone to work in the yard, a helping hand can be a valued gift.

The Gift Of Relaxation

Life today can be busy and stressful. Consider giving someone you love the gift of relaxation. This might be in the form of a spa certificate, or time spent watching their kids for a day, a night, or even a weekend.

Kids Activities

Involving kids in different activities helps to keep them physically and mentally active, but it can also be costly. If your loved ones have young children who would enjoy and benefit from an additional recreation, consider giving the gift of a class, camp, or other activity.

Honorary Charitable Contributions

If philanthropy is near-and-dear to your heart and that of  your loved one, an honorary charitable gift could be more meaningful than a wrapped gift.

Named Tributes

If legacy is more important than material possessions, consider a named tribute gift. These often include:

Trees – often offered by arboretum and conservancy organizations.

Benches – available in many parks, universities, and country clubs.

Bricks – found in new construction and universities.

Books – offered at local libraries.

Anything Handmade

If you want to personalize a gift, there’s no better way than to make something yourself. Perhaps you have a talent like cooking or knitting, or you participate in a pottery or painting class, where you’re making something unique. Regardless, you will be giving a one-of-a-kind personalized gift.

SageVest Wealth Management understands that wealth means different things to different people, and that often means enhancing the lives of those you love. Beyond developing strong financial strategies, our primary goal is to connect our clients to their wealth in meaningful ways. We hope these suggestions help you do just that. Please contact us if we can be of assistance as you consider your financial capabilities and options.

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