The Dow 20,000: Looking Past A Record High (Feb 1, 2017)

The Dow Jones Industrial Average (Dow) recently topped 20,000, setting a new record high and achieving a symbolic moment in US investment history. Investor sentiment has been climbing for a number of months, and a recent post-election market rally energized the Dow to finally cross this much-anticipated market boundary. The last time the Dow crossed such an important threshold was in 1999, when it hit 10,000.

This recent market movement begs the question of what happens next. Could this latest defining moment in the Dow’s history echo the downturn that followed 1999’s high point, when it took 11 years to re-secure the Dow’s standing of 10,000? Alternatively, will the momentum continue, extending the second longest market rally in recent times, and providing investors with increased opportunities for financial advancement?

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2016: A Year Of Surprises (Jan 5, 2017)

SageVest Wealth Management recently released our quarterly commentary for year-end 2016. Highlights are as follows:

– 2016 was a historic year in politics and the markets, with surprise reactions to populist movements.

– 2017 will undoubtedly bring changes with a pro-growth, pro-business administration, possibly fueling an extended bull market.

– Valuations are rich, potentially supported by rising earnings, but stand as a warning signal.

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Election Results Impact On Investment Portfolios (Nov 9, 2016)

Regardless of your political thinking, if you own investments, you likely find yourself now pondering the potential impacts of last night’s Presidential election results upon your holdings.

Up until last night, the polls and the markets had largely anticipated a Hillary Clinton win. Donald Trump’s victory has introduced an element of uncertainty, something that the markets typically don’t favor.

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Drifting Toward An Eventful Year-End (Oct 5, 2016)

SageVest Wealth Management recently released our quarterly commentary. Highlights are as follows:

– The third quarter was docile, allowing markets to advance and support modest, yet encouraging, year-to-date results.

– US elections and a December meeting of the Federal Reserve could make the fourth quarter more volatile as the markets await and absorb results.

– Absent a resurgence in corporate earnings, investors might need to gain comfort with more speculative momentum investing.

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Structured Or Market-Linked CDs (Sep 19, 2016)

For the past several years, many investors have been tempted by the too-good-to-be-true descriptions of structured CDs (also known as market-linked CDs). These instruments often claim to offer the upside of stock market or other investment exposure, with little-to-no downside risk.

Enough years have now passed since the inception of structured CDs to allow adequate evaluation of their investment results. A recent analysis by the Wall Street Journal reviewed their effectiveness, and the results support the age-old saying of, “If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.”

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The World Post-Brexit (Jul 7, 2016)

SageVest Wealth Management recently released our quarterly commentary. Highlights are as follows:

– The Brexit vote stunned the world, raising economic, political, central bank and currency uncertainties.

– Bond investors benefited handsomely post the Brexit vote, and interest rates are now expected to remain low as central banks consider necessary stimulus efforts.

– The US economy remains fairly steady, offering encouragement for a possible resumption in growth.

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A Roller Coaster First Quarter To 2016 (Apr 8, 2016)

SageVest Wealth Management recently released our quarterly commentary. Highlights are as follows:

– Following steep declines, stocks rebounded and left investors fairly flat for the first quarter.

– Recent reports show signs of economic growth here and abroad, a positive indicator looking forward.

– After seven years, the efficacy of central bank actions, which have supported market rallies, is being drawn into question.

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2016: China, The Markets and More (Jan 8, 2016)

Last year started fairly steady and strong, but lingering risks from the summer caused 2015 to fall flat, with broad-based negative stock market returns. Most economists predicted a healthy 2015, and it should have been by a number of historical standards. Unfortunately, not even the beloved Santa Claus Rally came to fruition. On the heels of such a year, and a rocky start to 2016, investors are left questioning the outlook for the markets. Last year proved that forecasts can easily go awry. That said, SageVest Wealth Management offers our insights for the year ahead.

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A Healthy Perspective On Market Concerns (Oct 8, 2015)

The third quarter was hopefully a time of enjoyable vacations, but it was also a time of tumult in the markets.

Performance among stocks was ugly, bringing the first correction since the autumn of 2011. Broad US stock markets were down 7% to 9% for the quarter and international stocks ended down more than 12%.

The only asset class that was positive was bonds.

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International Markets – Greece, Puerto Rico And China (Jun 26, 2015)

A docile second quarter proved to be anything but calm in its final week as a convergence of international events in Greece, Puerto Rico and China captured headlines and erased second quarter market gains. The quarter end’s sudden drop occurred in spite of continuing improvement in the U.S. economy and in many of the world’s larger market economies. The next few weeks could determine if continued economic recovery is enough to fuel a full seven-year bull market rally.

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