Connecting You and Your Wealth


SageVest provides comprehensive investment and wealth management services to individuals, families, trusts, and small businesses. We work with people who care about their wealth and the opportunities it creates, and who recognize the potential to make wiser financial decisions in support of what matters most. Each of our clients is unique, but they all share a common thread: a need for clear and unbiased advice in today’s fast-paced and complex financial environment.

Most of our clients initially seek our services because they are preparing for retirement, have experienced a life-changing event, or because they are ready to benefit from active investment management services. Regardless of the impetus, they quickly appreciate the value we bring to a range of financial and life decisions, the benefit of working with one advisor who looks at the big picture, and the fact that life’s decisions are ever evolving.  We help you to proactively plan for your future, and we have the experience and gravitas to guide you. 

We go above and beyond traditional investment and wealth managers. Our comprehensive and collaborative approach integrates all of your investment and broader financial decisions under one roof. You partner with a trusted advisor who cares about you, and who is constantly focused on proactive planning in pursuit of your goals and objectives. 

You can expect personal attention and individualized services, with advice tailored to your unique life circumstances and goals, all just a phone call or email away. You can also expect to meet with us at least annually to review your portfolio, and to receive clear and concise reporting, pro-active updates, and communications on an ongoing basis. SageVest is committed to rigor and diligence with respect to our investment selections, integrated planning recommendations, follow-through on implementation, and excellence in service throughout.

We are a multi-asset class manager, meaning that we build portfolios with a diverse mix of investments. Each portfolio is constructed with you in mind, taking your investment growth, income, risk tolerance, and real-life considerations into account. The underlying investments include stocks, bonds, real estate and alternative investments. We typically blend active and passive investment styles, and we conduct the ongoing due diligence of each investment on your behalf. Portfolios can be adjusted based upon personal preferences and circumstances such as concentrated positions, low basis stock, socially responsible investments, charitable objectives, business investments, real estate holdings and more.

We believe that being a fiduciary is fundamental to being a wealth manager and we proudly accept fiduciary responsibility. This is a legal obligation that requires us to act only in your best interests. Our firm, and every team member, is held to the highest professional standards. At SageVest, integrity is a requirement, and trust must be earned.

Yes, all of our advisors hold the CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ (CFP®) designation. This means that all our advisors have satisfied the demanding education, examination, experience and ethical requirements to achieve this industry standard.

It means that SageVest receives no commissions or incentives, nor do we offer any proprietary investment products. Our independent structure allows us to develop portfolios with the most appropriate investment strategies for you, without bias or conflicts of interest.

As a fee-only advisory firm, we receive no commissions or incentives for services rendered. Fees for investment management services are calculated as a percentage of assets under management and are billed quarterly. Annual fees vary between 0.50% and 1.00% per annum, depending upon the level of assets under management. SageVest imposes a minimum investment amount of $1 million for all new investment and wealth management relationships.

No, we never take physical custody of assets. We believe in a checks-and-balances system, and all assets are held by separate custodians. Accounts are typically established at Charles Schwab, one of the most reputable custodians for independent advisors. Accounts are always titled in your name, and you maintain control of your assets at all times.

SageVest is registered with the Securities Exchange Commission (SEC), the U.S. government agency responsible for regulating financial professionals.

Simply call or email us to setup an initial meeting. This can be general in nature to broadly discuss our services, or we can schedule a ‘working meeting’, which allows us to discuss your specific financial considerations in more detail. The decision is yours.