Smart Money Choices (Dec 1, 2015)

They say it’s a smart idea to learn from your mistakes. It’s smarter still to learn from the mistakes that others make.

The adage applies to financial decisions too. Recently published on The Motley Fool, SageVest Wealth Management advisor, Michael Fuhr, offered  guidance on how to avoid the dangers of relying upon an inheritance to secure your financial future and make smarter financial decisions about your retirement savings, in GoBankingRates article: ‘10 Infamous ‘Last Words’ Of Personal Finance‘.

Lifestyle Creep And How To Avoid It (Nov 16, 2015)

Tracking your spending, developing a flexible budget, and accumulating savings: whatever your age, income, or lifestyle, these are the fundamental elements of successful financial planning.

For millennials, facing a myriad of important decisions, these aren’t the only considerations when establishing a solid financial foundation for your future. Ryan Phillips of SageVest Wealth Management was recently quoted in an article in SelfLender, discussing the importance of avoiding ‘lifestyle creep’. This spending behavior can be the number one obstacle to achieving your long-term financial objectives: ‘11 Things To Do Now That You’re Not 22 Years Old‘.

Consider Before You Co-Habit (Oct 21, 2015)

Living together without the union of marriage is increasingly common, among both younger and older couples. For many, living blissfully without the complications of marriage, tax penalties and more is ideal. It certainly reduces life complexities in many ways. However, as with just about everything in life, there are pros and cons to consider.

Before you and your loved one decide to take the plunge and move in together, it’s important to discuss the financial fundamentals of cohabiting. SageVest Wealth Management’s own Jennifer Myers was recently quoted in an article from US News and World Report, addressing some of the money issues that non-married couples should consider: ‘Financial Mistakes Couples Make When They Move In Together‘.